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Why people choose Drupal over Plone Why people choose Drupal over Plone

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Alexandra Samuel recently evaluated Plone, Drupal and a bunch of other CMS platforms for a project involving the creation of a network of websites that want to exchange a great deal of information via RSS.

In the end, she chose Drupal, mainly because it had built-in RSS aggregation features.

It was interesting to note what she said about Plone RSS support in her writeup:

As a CMS based on the Zope platform, Plone offers much greater programming extensibility than other CMS options we considered. The flip side of this virtue is that Plone’s relative advantages are much less compelling for a project that (like specifically wants to limit its custom programming commitments.

Ultimately our biggest concern was that Plone's RSS aggregation capacity was not part of its standard install; while adding an aggregation module is a trivial technical challenge, the lack of native aggregation support spoke to the platform's orientation towards single-site content management rather than distributed community.

Here is my comment:

It is really sad that people think that Plone is lack of RSS support. Plone has RSS support by default! It is not enabled by default.

Login to ZMI. Enable syndication on your Plone site. Select portal_syndication -> Properties tab -> Enable syndication

Login to Plone. Go to the folder which contains documents you want to syndicate. Select Syndication tab -> Enable Syndication

You can also create RSS feed by any search result.

Default Plone can be extended with Plone RSS2 Product to generate RSS2 feeds with support of audio/video. It allows the syndication of ATAudio objects, mp3, wmv, ppt, jpg files using RSS 2.0 with enclosures.

You can create feeds for any contentent types in Plone. This Plone blog has RSS2 feed and default RSS feed.

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Plone has syndication but not aggregation

Posted by mthomason at 2006-06-10 02:34 PM

Plone only does half the job RSS demands, though. It's got RSS syndication but no aggregation - it can push RSS out but doesn't have anything built in to pull it in from other sites and present it. Or if it has I can't find it (and believe me I'm looking right now because I really need something to do it on my Plone site :( )

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