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World Plone Day in Lviv, Ukraine. World Plone Day in Lviv, Ukraine.

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The Ukrainian Plone User Group has only been going for a few months. We had about 20 attendees. WPD2008 is a good step to make Plone popular in different countries.

Here are photos from World Plone Day 2008 in Lviv, Ukraine

Ihor Berehulyak of Quintagroup talked about Plone websites for universities. Slides are here.
Ihor Berehulyak - Quintagroup

Myroslav Opyr of Quintagroup gave a demonstration of how to get started with Plone.
Myroslav Opyr - Quintagroup

Olha Pelishok of Quintagroup demonstrated advantages of Plone for the government websites. Slides are here
Olha Pelishok - Quintagroup

Nice photo made in Quintagroup office on World Plone Day:

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