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Plone, Zope and other Technologies.

Last modified 2008-03-13 11:50 AM


The most important technology I use is Plone . I consider that Plone is the best CMS for Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing. It's a great tool for blogging and Podcasting. Plone was used for most of my projects. I believe it will be used for a long time for new web projects and web applications.


Plone is build on top of Zope. So I use them both.

Open source PHP content management systems

The most popular open source content management systems based on PHP are: Drupal, Mambo, Typo3, Postnuke. I had experience in website creation with Mambo and Postnuke.

Mambo CMS

I have created 5 websites with Mambo . Mambo is the most admin-friendly open source PHP CMS. I consider that it can be used by users or developers familiar with php who don't want switch to another platforms only for simple websites. It has great community but it is not flexible in website creation. There is no Page Template system, document management, workfolw, etc.

Postnuke CMS

I have created 3 websites with Postnuke. Postnuke was the most popular PHP CMS in 2001-2004. Every year the popularity of Postnuke drops down. I think that users/developers switch to Drupal or Xaraya. There is no Page Template system, document management, workfolw, etc.


OsCommerce is a PHP/MySQL open source e-commerce solution. It has large community of users and developers. There are hundreds usefull contributions (enhancements) for OsCommerce. It is very important because if client has some custom proposal it is quite possible find solution in contributions. I have created about 20 websites with OsCommerce and I really like it. One thing I should mention. OsCommerce is suitable if you have not more then 2000 products to sell and up to 20 orders per day.


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