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Plone content management system

Last modified 2005-09-19 06:06 AM

Plone is an out-of-the-box ready content management system that is built on the powerful and free Zope Application server. It requires minimal effort to set up, is deeply flexible, and provides you with a system for managing web content that is ideal for project groups, communities and intranets.

A technical overview

Plone is a content management system that works hand-in-hand and sits on top of Zope, a widely-used Open Source web application server and development system. Itis deeply flexible, and provides you with a system for managing web content that is ideal for project groups, communities and intranets. Zope itself is written in Python, widely-used and supported Open Source programming language. Python can be used to add new features to Plone, and used to understand or make changes to the way that Zope and Plone work. By default, Plone stores its contents in Zope's built in transactional object database, the ZODB.

Plone is Open Source. Plone is licensed under the GNU General Public License, the same license used by Linux. This gives you the right to use Plone without a license fee, and to improve upon the product.

Plone is technology neutral. Plone can interoperate with most relational database systems, open source and commercial, and runs on a vast array of platforms, including Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and BSD.

Plone is international. Plone's internationalization support is more than skin deep. The world-wide development community has made Plone a robust platform with support for 48 languages out of the box, right-to-left text, and mapping relationships between documents in alternate languages.

Plone is standard. Plone carefully follows standards for usability and accessibility. Plone pages are compliant with US Section 508, and the W3C's AAA rating for accessibility.

Plone is Industrious

Whether building websites for small businesses or a worldwide enterprise, Plone can scale to meet your needs. Plone is designed to work well in diverse software environments and with multiple operating systems, web server software, and user authentication methods. Best of all, Plone can work with your existing hardware and doesn–Ęt require dedicated servers to get started.

Plone's content management software is sophisticated and is easily customized to your unique environment. This includes complex document workflow, security and roles-based permissions, and configurable content types.

Be productive immediately with a tool that compliments your unique environment.

Plone is Attractive

Plone's attractive user-interface has a look-and-feel which is completely customizable.

A hand-crafted, intelligent stylesheet framework provides user-interface widgets and advanced typographic control over the presentation of every component on the page.

Standards compliance and cross-platform, multi-browser support means that Plone remains attractive even after a long hot day on the web.

Plone is Passionate

The Plone product isn't just great software, it is a labor of love by a community that seeks to produce the best possible experience in website content management. The development team pursues excellence by following a well-defined, community-based process for developing new features, add-on products, plug-ins, and improvements. The architects, developers, and designers strive to produce a best in class CMS system that is easy to install, use, administrate and enhance. Don't settle for software that you don't love. Choose Plone and feel passionate about your content management system.

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