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Plone hosting

Last modified 2005-11-03 05:33 AM

I work at Quintagroup team. So I'm using Quintagroup's Plone hosting services.

So you have built a fantastic Zope- or Plone- based website for yourself or for a customer and are ready to share it with community?

You will have to work with a Zope/Plone Hosting Provider (ZHP) unnless you:

  • have a permanent leased line (or equivalent) connection to the internet; or
  • have your own computer (server) hosted with an Internet Service Provider

There are four ways:

  • Zope Hosting Instance (Plone Hosting Instance)
  • Shared Plone Hosting
  • Free Plone Hosting
  • Dedicated server

Zope Hosting Instance

If you have your own Zope instance it is possible to install any Zope/Plone products you wish. You can host many Zope / Plone sites within your server.

Shared Plone Hosting

You can host one website (one domain) with Shared Plone Hosting. Restricted list of Plone products available in shared accounts. Shared Plone hosting comes with lots of limitations including:

  • no installation of 3rd party Zope or Plone products
  • you can not install any of your self-developed products;
  • lower performance then Plone hosting offered in dedicated packages

Free Plone Hosting

Free Plone Hosting accounts are great for trying out your Plone user/development skills. Usually only shared Plone hosting can be available for free. So you can use only limited list of Plone product and can't install more addons.

Dedicated server

Dedicated server with several Zope instances, ZEO, several hours of paid support, all bells and wistles. In case of high volume of visitors you need dedicated server. Usually basic configuration includes 3 ZEO clients (2 workers+1 maintenance) and one ZODB database (1 Instance)


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